Your garbage, your energy

Pollution and contamination

Urban and environmental garbage. Problems


Urban and enviromental garbage represent a great problem in populations with lack of infraestructurers to treat waste in a integral way.

Solution: take urban waste to an remote area with the only purpose of depositing the problem without giving any solution with big consequences in the environtment.

At the sametime we see the beaches and mountains contaminated with products that come from very far areas.

Parallaly and independent of actions of the goverments more the great work carried out by volunters throughout the world.

We should use the means and knowledge to help the environment and the affected populations, the human factor.

Recycling in a integral way. people and environment

It is the same if we have a beach  or a forest contaminated with plastics or an urban area that do not manage its waste.

We need helps from goverments to be able to set up systems that we have nowadays t change the pollution cycle  into real solutions for our environment and its inhabitants.


A  synopsis could be

Pick up colletion  and classification of contaminants or urban waste for recycling and further use


Metal recovery

Other products.- raw material to make energy

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We can make

Increase the quality of environment